BreakThrough is a 7 step regressive process designed to reveal our built-in defences and self defeating belief systems that keep us from living fully.
Many of us live in a prison of should and should-nots.  When circumstances do not turn out the way believe they should, we often go into victim and blame consciousness.  This typically instigates behaviours and attitudes that are not in tune with our true self.  This can lead to overreactions, defensive and self defeating behaviours, and constant seeking of external validation.  We become so caught up in the victim and blame cycle that our perception of self and the outside world becomes distorted.
BreakThrough is a way of unveiling the deep seated unconscious belief systems underlying these shoulds and should-nots.  Once these belief systems are brought into awareness we can see how distorted they are and how they prevent us from living freely and fully.  This change is perspective is all that is needed to begin to choose new behaviours and experience life in a new way.
During a BreakThrough session the client is guided through a set of steps involving the talking and feeling of previous events that have lead to an over-reaction.  A new awareness and a feeling of lightness or a weight being lifted are common benefits experienced after a BreakThrough session.
Information referenced form IBA brochure BreakThrough From Becoming to Being and BreakThrough 1 Textbook.