Welcome to Diamond Healing.

Our mission is to support those seeking or struggling with pain, illness, or dis-ease reclaim colour, clarity and vibrancy in their lives. 
We do this by addressing the body at a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental level to help improve the client’s health and well being.  The primary therapy used is The BodyTalk System™, which is a non-invasive, non-diagnostic therapy that uses both western and eastern knowledge to help optimize the body’s natural healing capabilities.  The techniques used are designed specifically for each individual and circumstance.
I believe that a lot of pain and heartache in today’s world is caused by our tendency to reject or suppress our true selves.  We get bogged down in the business of should’s and should not’s, what we should and should not think, do, and be.  

Life becomes frustrating, heavy, and dull; becoming the perfect breeding ground for dis-ease to grow and flourish.  Dis-ease can be a combination of or single one of the following aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or environmental.  If left unchecked this dis-ease builds and grows and our world becomes grey, uninspired and our health begins to deteriorate. 

My goal as a practitioner is to create a safe and supportive environment for client’s to engage in the exploration and acceptance of the different facets of self.  Through this exploration and acceptance, the heaviness of life begins to drop away and we create space for new perspectives, solutions and healing to occur. 

By embracing and accepting the unique, varied and special aspects of ourselves we allow color, light and vibrancy back into our lives and the world.
I primarily use techniques from the BodyTalk Sytem and utilize ideas taken from various philosophies to color my approach for each client. These ideas include the following:
  • the body is capable of healing its self at all levels,
  • the stresses of daily living can compromise this innate healing ability,
  • that stress is the underlying cause of the majority of discomfort, illness, and dis-ease today,
  • that stress is multifaceted and includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects,
  • that each individual is unique,
  • it is important to treat ourselves and each other with respect and kindness.  

The BodyTalk System is a comprehensive and dynamic system of energy medicine that unifies a large number of highly recognized healing methods and principles of knowledge from both conventional and alternative healthcare into one all-encompassing stem.  The techniques are non-invasive and typically involve light touch and taping.  To learn more about BodyTalk click here or visit the International BodyTalk Association website at www.bodytalksystem.com